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Ferdy and the Crystal Pond (book)   10.00   11.50  
Creating Health... Yourself (book)   19.80   19.95  
Just a Spoonful of Sugar (cassette tape) *   -   -  
Living Simply with Cancer
     Book   6.90   9.95  
  Cassette tape *   -   -  
  Compact disc   15.80   15.95  
  Book with tape *   -   -  
  Book with CD   33.80   33.95  

Two Minute Meditation
  Stressed-out Teachers (cassette tape) *   -   -  
  Stressed-out Parents (cassette tape)  *   -   -  
  Stressed-out Executives (cassette tape) *   -   -  
  Stressed-out Media Personalities (cassette tape) *   -   -  
  Stressed-out New Yorkers (cassette tape) *   -   -  

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