Ferdy and the Crystal Pond

This is an enchanting and valuable tale for children.

Ferdy is an Australian frog who embarks on a run-a-way adventure where he meets a number of other farm animals including Betsy the cow and Eric the emu.  

'Ferdy' will warm the hearts of children and their parents alike. It's an ideal gift for birthdays or any special occasion.
All proceeds from Ferdy and the Crystal Pond are going towards charities that help children in need. Money from these sales help the The Love Angel Foundation to continue its philanthropic work. These donations are currently used to fund projects for underprivileged children in Sri Lanka.

Additionally, as chairman of the Brady Cancer Support Foundation we are able to donate around $30,000 a year to kids cancer charities including Redkite, CanTeen and Strike-A-Chord for Children's Cancer Foundation.

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