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Living Simply With Cancer

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"You have reached the heart of things... you have succeeded in mastering the art of living in the present moment."
Penny Jayewardene, Columbo, Sri Lanka

"I've had the pleasure of reading Mr. Taylor's book... it is well written and may help many people facing cancer."
Dr Paul Roda, M.D.,F.A.C.P., North East Medical Oncology, USA

"Ross Taylor is a winner in life and so is his book "Creating Health...Yourself". Very easy to read it gives a sensible and holistic approach to improving your health and outlook on life. This is a "MUST READ" book."
Dennis Lillee, Australian (International) Cricketer

"For anyone just embarking on the cancer journey, 'Living Simply with Cancer' is a must to read. It took me 3 years to 'glean' just half of the information that is in this book. It is truly the 'condensed cancer helper' book."
Jennifer Sprake, Ontario, Canada

"I especially like your total lack of (imposed) restrictions or absolute rules... it really makes the whole matter much more easy to embrace..."
Lars Bengtsson, Sweden

"The information... is really helpful to patients and the carers... 'Living Simply with cancer'; yes, this is just what we want!"
Hao Fei, Shanghai, China

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful book... simple in its message... so powerful in its meaning and a contribution for so many..."
Julie Stafford, Ballarat, Australia
Best Selling Author, "Taste of Life" cookbooks, "Juicing for Health" & "Stepping Out"

"We found it [the book] informative, sensible and reassuring. It's the sort of book that should be read by everyone- not just cancer patients."
I&J Garthwaite, Duncraig, Western Australia

"Your book is so easy to read... just like having a quiet and easy chat with an wise and trusted friend... Thank you for producing a book that is so reader friendly."
Dr. Van Ikin, Senior Lecturer - English, University of Western Australia

"Living Simply with Cancer provides a person who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, a simple yet effective set of guidelines which will allow them to take better control of their lives, health and to improve the prognosis of their illness. I recommend Ross Taylor's book to patients and carers alike, and strongly emphasize it's importance to the medical profession."
DR. IAN BRIGHTHOPE M.B.B.S, Dip. Ag. Sci, F.A.C.N.E.M, F.A.S.E.M, M.A.I.A.S.T, President of the Australiasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

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