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Q: "My cancer specialist says there is no point in reading books about alternative treatments as they can't cure cancer?"

A: "Firstly, let me say I don't really like the word 'alternative' as I feel 'complementary' is far more appropriate.

Sadly, whilst many GPs' are now seeing the enormous benefits of combining the best of conventional medicine with the best of complementary therapies, many oncologists' still feel very threatened by this practice. What this book is about is helping the patient to create the optimum environment within their body to allow healing to take place and to bring the body back into 'balance'. This will give you the very best chance of improving your prognosis and general health".

Q: "In your book you emphasize the importance of drinking vegetable juice and meditation. Is this essential to helping me cure cancer?"

A: "For me personally, juicing and meditation has been central to my recovery program. What is more important, however, is not so much just the juicing or the meditation but for you to use this book to help you develop your OWN healing program.

At the Cancer Wellness Centre in Perth, Australia both our senior facilitator and myself have lived with secondary melanoma for over 5 years now. Whilst my 'top 4' healing routines (in order) are nutrition, meditation, spirituality and exercise, the 'top 4' for my friend are (in order) meditation, reiki, spirituality, and nutrition. You see, our respective 'healing programs' are different yet we live well with cancer.

The secret is to develop the program that is RIGHT for you, and then commit to it... 100%

Q: "Should I undertake chemotherapy?"

A: "This is always a difficult question as in the end YOU must ultimately make the decision. Always obtain as much information regarding the success rate of chemo with your type of cancer, and be sure to query what they mean by "success rate". Often oncologists will refer to a "success rate" as meaning the tumor has shown some REDUCTION in size, whilst you may be thinking that "success rate" means TOTAL CURE. They are two very different things! I did undertake chemotherapy when first diagnosed as I felt it would complement the other healing programs that I would pursue. So approach your treatment with a positive outlook, not from a point of fear and anxiety.

Q: "How common is cancer and is it preventable?"

A: "In Western Australia, which has a population of 1.8 million people, there are around 6,300 new cases of cancer diagnosed each year. Breast cancer is the most common in women (31% of all female cancers), followed by prostate cancer in men (20% of all male cancers). Cancers such as lung cancer (7% & 13% respectively), bowel/colon cancer (15%) and some skin cancers (10% & 11%) are often caused by lifestyle habits and in many cases could have been prevented. Worldwide some one in four people will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 75 years. One in three will die from the disease.

Q: "Does anger and unexpressed stress cause cancer?"

A: "This is an area of great debate, but we do know that extended periods of frustration, hurt, resentment and anger can create havoc in the body. My own belief is that this can play a major part in the onset of cancer. As part of the healing process it is important to deal with issues of unresolved anger and hurt. This is not always easy to do but to learn to "let go" is essential for complete healing to take place. Let me finish this answer with a brief story told by a Buddhist friend of mine...

Two Buddhist monks came to a river crossing where they saw an old lady who asked if they could carry her across. The first monk declined as monks are forbidden to touch the female gender under any circumstances. The second monk, however, obliged and carried the old lady across the river on his back. The first monk was horrified. "How could you do this" he argued, "You really have a major problem now" he ranted. "No, my good friend," replied the second monk, "It is you who has the problem. You see, I have already put the old lady down but you are still carrying her around!"

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